Post Natal Therapy

A must after having given birth

Main items of this therapy are:
Strengthening of belly, intestine, and paravertebral muscles,
improvement of vein and lymph circulation of the lower limbs, body styling, size and weight reduction, relaxation and recreation.

Therapy includes:
consultation, welcome cocktail, daily exercises, stretching, and water exercises,
5x colour light therapy
in the Aqua-viva-Saunarium,
5x phyto body
5x BeautyLine
wrapping method
2 medical
1 primary and 1 final medical
3x slidestyler against cellulite, lymph,
and vein problems
5x hydro therapy draining and
purging bath
2x face treatment with dislymphing
and connective tissue strengthening effect
3x firming massage
1x visagist seminar

Result of this therapy,
loss of 1 to 2 sizes per week
Super price
From Euro 1.230,- w/o full board