Ambience To Fall In Love With

Nowadays our Beauty Vital Residence is one of the most renowned companies in Austria when it comes to fulfil our guestís demands for health, wellness and beauty care.
Finally also the Beauty Vital Residenceís 4****-hotel and its excellent gourmet food sees to no guestsí demand staying unfulfilled and a well feeling all around the clock.
You will be caught by the pastel colour of the house. Soft pictures at the walls, lush flower arrangements, gentle relaxing music, and twittering birds: In this atmosphere of everlasting spring itís getting more and more easy to relax totally.

ĄIt has been my intention to bring nature into the houseď, tells Helga Dolezal, ĄIn the Residenceís bathing and relaxation-area according to Feng-Shui-guidelines you should stroll around like in a garden.Ē Besides a large indoor pool you can find different Turkish baths and recreation rooms made of magnificent coloured marble.
You immerse into the elegant, sensory well feeling promising atmosphere of the house and you know, ĄHere I can be coddled from head to toe.Ē
Enjoy the feeling of being coddled in our elegant, cosy hotel all around the clock. We will be pleased to welcome you soon in our house.





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