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You don't have to travel absolutely, feel around the favor and healing power of the oceans and be of use to the sea. Because the strength of algas, Meerschlamm and sea salt works also in health cure treatments and High-Tech-Cream.
Thalasso therapy is the magic word for an up-to-date and effective therapy. Getting for every good Wellness and Beautyfarm.
But hold! There are very well differences which can influence the effect of such a health cure strongly. The alga manner, the salt content, the specialized knowledge of the therapist and the duration of the treatment contribute quite fundamentally to the desired success.
Sea water because and sea salt is balsam for the psyche put under stress and stressed skin.
A fountain of youth which lets us get vigorous and full of Power again simple medicine pure.
One of the most essential indications of a Thalassotherapie is the Entschlackung, cleaning of the body of pollutants and the stimulation of the metabolism.
Thalasso in coherence with specific therapeutic exercise accelerates the grease mining, consolidates the fabric and tightens the skin.

A Thalassokur makes solid contours recommend particularly at Bindegewebsschwche, Cellulite and flabby skin after a pregnancy or greater loss of weight again. Thalasso is high effective also at Besenreisern, varicose veins and vein suffering.
In the sea or in the sea water pool the vigorous substances contained in the sea water penetrate to the fabric over the skin and seem regenerating there take a bath in the sea water at this-whether and healing. More always makes use of the cosmetics industry for a phenomenon this.
Under duration stress does who stands, smokes little sleeps with mineral substances is underserved and thanks to alga cosmetics this deficit can compensate? Also with respect to Anti-Aging algas are top. The reason: The skin the mineral substances, this one which upholsters penetrate by the skin, compensate for the mineral household of the cells and enters her a fresher, smoother appearance on.
In any case you will be sea when content identical therefore, whether you use care products, the algas contain or with sea water your body spoil-such as in our own sea water whirlpool bath which contains salt from the dead sea-!



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