Meditation is an inner, direct, holistic, and aware experience of mental powers, of sense, of consciousness itself.  Meditation means continuous concentrated collection of our attentiveness and at the same time a sensitive openness to things offered to our attentiveness as show or experience. Meditation demands discipline as well as relaxation, purposeful attentive attention and inner and outward composure. Yoga is the best known and perhaps most favouring way of meditation.

Yoga leads to the source of life, where everything gets sense and from where an inexhaustible, reviving power is coming, being at our disposal for many different reasons. Yoga promotes our health and can heal diseases. It makes us become more sensitive and creative and opens the door to an unimaginable potential of consciousness. We can use yoga and other forms of meditation for relaxation and for breaking up energy blockades as well as for stimulation of success in life. Finally meditation is way and bridge into the immeasurable expanse of eternity to a place where we find ourselves and the whole Creation as part of a vibrating power of life and where personal boundaries dissolve.





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