A House Full Of Well Being

When entering our house you already feel the atmosphere of peace and security which makes you forget everyday stress and hectic pace. A charming boss and a best trained team care for your wellbeing and fulfil your individual requests. The most important recognised treasures of nature, like pure water, clean air, and an untouched, protected landscape are the rest area surrounding the Beauty-Vital-Residence and tempt to romantic walks around the Lake Neusiedler. Stimulated by this atmosphere it is possible to raise new power to restore the healthy balance of body and soul and to find yourself.


Your body needs us and mainly our knowledge about the human individual and its need to feel healthy and well. This is one of the basic aims of our life we all want to reach. Listen inside your body more than before, do what your inner voice tells you to do. Dont take on the stress of a long distance journey, is Helga Dolezals advice, but recover and relax in our fabulous beauty and wellness paradise. Relaxation holidays with friends, completely dedicated to health. That is what body, mind, and soul are longing for. A dream which will come true in our Beauty-Vital-Residence.



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