To Experience The Power Of The Lake

Arrival in Neusiedl am See. Silence, clean air and tranquillity. A fresh breeze is coming in from the lake and when you take the first glance around the countryside surrounding the historic town you recognise, this is a special piece of land. In the East you have got the wide plain of the Seewinkel, in the West the summits of the Leitha mountains, and in between the Lake Neusiedler with its wide reedbed. Even the Romans appreciated the fascinating landscape and settled in this area. Nowadays the area around the Lake Neusiedler is an important European nature reserve with an untouched beautiful countryside. More than 250 rare species of birds are native to the reedbed like the majestic stork and the magnificent crimson heron. Just as diverse is the flora of the largest Central European lake in a steppe. In Neusiedl am See you have got more than 2000 hours of sunshine per year and the water temperature in summer is constantly between 20 to 25 degrees centigrade. This makes the Neusiedl area climatically comparable with Mediterranean countries in Southern Europe!



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