Brine Temple

Top-Quality Health- And Wellness Therapies

Our diverse range of therapies and cures offers just the right thing for everybody and naturally is able to fulfil your individual desires. It extends from wellness programme to relaxation and to medical cures, where it responds to problem zones or disharmonies of the body. Diets with effective treatments make you feel well all around again and a Manager- or Vital Cure gives you back power, life energy and joy of life.
Not only in spring you should spend time on a “Fountain of Youth Cure”, where the whole body is freed from the waste products collected in winter and detoxified through the skin by compresses, Turkish Bath and sauna. The intestines too several times need a spring cure and can softly be cleaned with our „Colon-Hydro-Therapy.
Additionally we have a choice of different treatments ready for you, which can be adapted to your desires and ideas during the first interview with your „beauty-consultant“ in our house. This is how a “made-to-measure” programme is created to enable you to reach the required success in our house and to let you go back home as our satisfied client. And – what is of the same importance to us – that you remember your stay in our house with pleasure and gladly will come back again.



Flower Bath Octavius


Tepidarium Amethyst Bath



Oriental Pool

Massage Magnetic Field Therapy Hipoxi



Beauty-Line Körperwickel

Sultan's Tempel

Cleopatra's Pool Turkish Bath





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