The Carisma Line has been developed to protect the condition of the skin and to preserve  it fresh and vital.
The aging process of the skin starts around the 30th year of life. At the beginning it mostly goes nearly unnoticed and only years later the mirror shows the effect. The skin owned collagen- and hyaluron synthesis and with that the liquid budget decreases and gets out of balance which additionally is supported by the effect of the free radicals
After years of research it was possible to combine special active substances in our protective products, which can mainly revitalise mature skin.
Some of this active substances are collagen, elastin, hyaluron acid, and sea buckthorn oil, which are very important for cell replacement and moisture. Further important are the vitamins F, A, C and E, which play a decisive role in smoothing, firming, and revitalising skin.
Another very important active substance of our protective products is the co-enzyme Q 10, which decisively supports the bodys own resistance against free radicals which accelerate the bodys ageing process. At the same time Q 10 supports the activation of the skin.





Dolezal Beauty Care Line