Gegen Cellulite ist doch
„ein Kraut gewachsen“


According to opinion polls at least every other woman is unsatisfied with her shape. Problems are over-weight, cellulite and wads of fat on hips, upper arms, thighs, belly and bottom.

While some cases are passed on the problem is mainly “home-made”. 90% of all woman sooner or later are confronted with cellulite.

One reason is that women have got an essentially weaker connective tissue than men and non-recyclable waste products are collected between the fat cells of the subcutaneous tissue. On the other hand it is the result of a lethargic lymph flow and fat metabolism caused by too less exercises, smoking, wrong body care and unhealthy diet.

Through the supply of too many nutrients so called “depot fat” is stored within the fat tissue (thickened liquid of connective tissue and waste products). In time tissue and shape get deformed in an unwelcome way.

It is very important to react on time to changes of the skin and tissue to face the formation of cellulite with equalising countermeasures.

A „plus“ in sports and a change in food will be unavoidably necessary.

But very important is also body care and treatment of the affected skin zones. 





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