a gift coupon for all our cures ...

Regeneration cure 3-days-cure
Manager cure 2-days-cure
Slim- and Cellulitecure Beauty day
Postnatalcure Beautifully at each season
5 days specially slim cure Slim at each season
3 days specially slim cure

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Gift coupons can present you to the following causes:

to the birthday as thank beautiful
to the wedding day for earned coworkers
to the motherday for spoiling
as Christmas gift for a specific occasion

Under the following room categories you can select:

Single rooms room "Beauty", Bad/Dusche
Double rooms room "Vital", Dusche
  room "Residenz", Bad

The following payment possibilities we can offer to you:

Eurocard Euroscheck
Diners Nachnahme

Bei allen unseren Angeboten behalten wir uns Druck- und Satzfehler vor!