The following prices apply per person and day including all deliveries as well as board or Diaet.

They can select under the following room categories:

A- Residenz Suite mit Terrasse oder Balkon ATS 2.980,- € 216,57
B - Residenz Doppelzimmer mit Balkon ATS 2.400,- € 174,41
C - Laura Ashey kuscheliges EZ mit Balkon ATS 1.500,- € 109,-
D - Laura Ashley kuscheliges EZ ohne Balkon ATS 1.300,- € 94,47
E - Doppelzimmer mit Balkon ATS 1.750,- € 127,18
F - Einzelzimmer mit franz. Bett Balkon ATS 1.900,- € 138,08
Fa - Doppelzimmer im Stil eingerichtet mit Balkon ATS 1.900,- € 138,08
G - Einzelzimmer komfortabel eingerichtet mit Balkon ATS 2.200,- € 159,88
H - Doppelzimmer eleganter Stil mit Balkon ATS 2.200 € 159,88
I - Zwillingszimmer mit Balkon (2 DZ mit 2 Badezimmer) ATS 2.300,- € 167,15


Fax us your desires under the number 02167/2439 26 DW (from outer austria +43/2167/2439 26 DW or you call us for further information: Mrs Gabriele Rieder under 02167/2439-33 or Mrs. Riki, 02167/2439-17, fromouter austria +43/2167 /...

All past cure supplies and prices are replaced by the cure supplies and prices stated our catalog. All prices apply starting from August 1997 per person and contain turn-over tax as well as all deliveries and controls. Price adjustments reserve. The usual pre-payment amounts to ATS 6,000. - for one weekend ATS 3,000. -.

They have the possibility, for an amount of ATS 300. - per person a travel resignation or a travel abort insurance of concluding.

In requirement taken included services cannot not be refunded.

Free of charge for it:

  • visagists-seminar
  • herb tea bar of
  • bicycles
  • introduction to the astrology
  • dancetherapy
  • morning gymnastic and callanetics
  • 5 tibetans (Esoteri exercises)
  • nutrition and health lectures

The " Dolezal hood kitchen "

  • Realmrealm realms normal food
  • Austrian nature kitchen
  • Dolezal Gourmet-Diaet (800-Calories )
  • specially-Diaet (500-Calories )
  • Dr. F. X. Mayr-Cure
  • Tea welfare chamfering cure
  • dog ATS 300.-per day (without fodder)

Please they bring along comfortable leisure clothes and socks. A bathrobe as well as Frottee slipper and bath-towels we put to you for the time of your stay at the disposal. We ask to free your room on the departure day after possibility to 11,00 o'clock

And additionally:
Free airport collection, collection of the stations Bruck/Leitha and new they Neusiedl/See as well as on special desire house collection in the region Vienna. .

Bei allen unseren Angeboten behalten wir uns Druck- und Satzfehler vor!