Feel the power of the Lake

Arrive at Neusiedl at the lake peace, clear air. From the lake a fresh Brise blows, and with first view of the country around the historicalpregnant city one already determines approximately: That is a quite special small spot earth. In the east the far level of the sea-angle. In the west the summits of the guidance hectar mountains. Between them the new settler lake with its broad reed belt. Already the Romans appreciated the uniqueness of the region and established themselves here. Today the area is around the new settler lake an important European protected area, whose beauty remained keeping unaffected.


Time for itrself

It is amazing, which we can bodies and spirit, without damaging our natural REGENERATIONS energies. False nutrition and movement lacking lead almost inevitably to complaints such as PREDOMINANCE, CELLULITE, premature AGING of the skin and clouded joy of life. Nevertheless the strength, which re-establishes the healthy equilibrium between body and soul is, for finding only and alone in us. We hear on our internal voice! She does not want to set us under printing or talk something. In the opposite: It does not represent no more and fewer than our maximumpersonal interests.